To extend the life of your gear while also reducing water and energy use, we highly recommend only washing it when it is really necessary. 

Here are a few tips on how to wash and dry your outdoor products:

  • Rather than washing the whole product you can use a cloth to spot clean, and airing your gear is a great way to reduce odours.

  • When you do need to wash it, then the washing instructions label inside the product tells you how to go about it. A general rule of thumb is that washing your gear in cold to warm water, with mild liquid laundry detergent, followed by a line dry is best for most Haglöfs clothing.

  • Before washing, close any zips, velcro or other fastenings and turn items with prints inside out. Avoid softener and bleach, both of which can interfere with the performance of the product.

  • Line drying saves energy, reducing the environmental impact of caring for your gear, and it also reduces wear and tear. Turn dark items inside out to reduce fading when line drying, and if you do need to use a tumble dryer then aim for a low heat setting.

  • We don’t make products that need dry-cleaning, and, in most cases, you shouldn’t need an iron either - in fact for some products like down jackets this should be avoided altogether. Double check the label for details.