So, your down jacket was attacked by a stray spark from that campfire. That’s ok.

This is how you patch a hole in a down jacket yourself:

1. First thing’s first. You’ll need to make sure you have some self-adhesive, pressure sensitive repair tape or patches with you; these can be found at most specialist outdoor stores.

2. Gently clean and dry the area to be repaired, remove any dirt or loose debris.  Avoid machine washing to stop the hole getting

3. Cut any loose threads from around the hole and push any feathers sticking out back inside. Don’t pull feathers out of the jacket as that will cause more feathers to come out and the hole will get bigger.

4. Get your repair patch or tape ready.  If it needs cut to size then on the backside of the patch draw an oval (or any shape really but make sure it has round edges). Make sure it is big enough to leave around 1cm of margin all around the hole.

5. Using scissors, cut out the shape ensuring that the corners are well rounded.

6. Peel the backing off the patch without touching the sticky side.

7. Lay the patch on top of the hole, press it tightly against the fabric, and then use either your fingernail or for example a credit
card (no sharp edges of course) to work out any air trapped between the patch and the fabric.

8. Apply pressure for a little while longer, and you’re done!